Bruidsfotografie: Monteux, France, Michaël and Elise

Normally I won't write that much words to accompany my photos, but given the circumstances of this particular wedding, I do give some kind of background story :)

Friday May 2nd and saturday May 3rd were some truly special days for Elise - who happens to be my sister ;-) - and her fiancee Michaël who got married in France in the village of Rocques-sur-Pernes on friday and in Monteux on saturday. It were some special days for their guests as well, while Elise - no doubt - is Dutch and Michaël is French. 

So, Friday was the day of their civil marriage and with a small group of family and friends we went to the mairie, the town hall, of Rocques-sur-Pernes. Other then I am used to attend in the Netherlands, civil marriage in France is kind of detached - in fact it's signing papers and the mayor reading the laws regarding legal marriage. If I understood everything well. 

After the ceremony, an afternoon tea was served in Sarrians, where more friends and family - including my 82 old grandmother who flew for the first time in her life ;-) - had gathered to congratulate and celebrate together.

For Elise and Michaël, saturday was even more important. To them, this was the actual wedding. Lots of friends and family from a variety of countries were invited to attend the wedding service and vin d'honneur in Monteux.

My day however started around seven o'clock to capture the preparations for the day and everyone - and most important Elise and her four bridesmaids - getting ready. It was a lovely Provence-saturday-spring-morning and we left from Sarrians around 8.30 to Michaël and Elise's house in Le Beaucet, where they would see each other. 

It was kind of fairytale like, the way Michaëel waited for Elise, on the road to their house, under the trees. It were perfect circumstances for me to make some great photos of that moment. After we walked - and climbed - around the garden of their house to make photos, we drove in the direction of Venasque to continue the photoshoot. It should give some stunning views on the Mont Ventoux, but unfortunately the lovely weather conditions had changed into something I had never experienced before: mistral winds. So with clear blue skies, but yet too much wind, we needed to change plans and drove through the lovely town of Saint-Didier where close to town a beautiful field of poppies was and we were able to continue the photoshoot.

By noon I went to Monteux together with three bridesmaids (got lost around Carpentras..) to prepare things for the church service and vin d'honneur. The service was supposed to be held in open air, next to the domaine, but that unfortunately became impossible because of the mistral winds. 

I was honored to be a part of Michaël and Elise's wedding as both brother and photographer and again wish them lots of joy, happiness and blessings. 

Please do enjoy the photos!

Oh, and before I forget - the man pictured in the last photo together with Elise was the oldest guest of their wedding: grandpapa is a stunning 102 years old and came from Aix-en-Provence to Monteux to share in Elise and Michaël's joy. 


May 2nd

May 3rd 

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