Wedding at Kasteel de Wittenburg | Aigerim & Dominic

Every wedding is unique, and every wedding is special for its own reasons. That is one of the reasons why I like my job so much. But it hasn’t been many times that I was invited to document a wedding like the wedding of Aigerim and Dominic. Because here’s the thing: do you know any English guy who meets a lovely Kazach girl in the Lowlands of Holland and eventually got to marry her on a beautiful castle? 

I think this would make a great storyline for a modern day fairytale - but more beautiful than that was this saturday in August when Aigerim and Dominic married at Kasteel de Wittenburg

Friends and family from Kazachstan, England, Norway, Germany, France, the US, Mozambique and even from the Netherlands witnessed the marriage of this beautiful couple. 

One could say that this was a day with quite some cultural diversity but nevertheless - or thanks to that perhaps - there was a great atmosphere and personally I really felt at ease and totally enjoyed photographing this day!