jesse van kalmthout

Wedding Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche | Arjen + Simone

Finally - I did find time to write a blog again! The past few weeks have been really busy because we moved to a new home. But we are kind of settled now and yes, time to blog again. 

I was contacted by Simone some time ago whether I was available for their wedding day on March 27. Which I was. The form submission was in English, but first I didn't understand why, because 'Simone' is quite a Dutch name as well. But we made an appointment and met some time later. Then it appeared that Arjen, the groom is Dutch and Simone is Irish - so therefore my blog is in English. Makes sense, right? :-)

We had a nice meeting and yeah, they booked me. I was really so excited about this, because Arjen and Simone are a great couple and besides I love to shoot mulit-cultural weddings. It brings some sort of extra dimension of tension and emotions to a wedding day as well - and of course the wedding is a mixture of cultural habits, which adds some kind of uniqueness as well. 

The wedding was at Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche, which is an absolutely great venue in between Utrecht and Hilversum. I was excited to shoot this day together with my good friend and photographer Jesse van Kalmthout

As expected this was a perfect day, with a good vibe and lovely people. I love to share this summary of the day with you on my blog. And Arjen and Simone, here's to you: Slainte! Lot's of happiness and joy for you guys - thanks for letting us document your wedding day it really was a pleasure.