Destination Wedding in Ascot, England

To say we’re eternally in debt with Kaye and Antoine would be an understatement for the ages. Thanks to their trust, we went from a festival wedding in the Dutch countryside to a barnstormer in Amsterdam with her bridesmaid Dee and a Belgian humdinger with his sister Pauline.

Wasn’t that already enough?

Perhaps, but we never say no to a ‘home-game’ with familiar faces, least of all when it’s a destination wedding.

So when I checked the e-mail on an otherwise ordinary Monday morning in February, you could imagine our delight: “Not sure if you remember us, but I was one of Kaye’s bridesmaids, and Jake one of her witnesses. Last weekend Jake asked me to marry him. Kaye is very excited (perhaps an understatement) and has passed on your e-mail as we absolutely loved the photos you took at her wedding. So we're wondering whether you're open to head to the English countryside for our wedding!”

Booyaah indeed.

It took us all of a split second to say yes. And with November 18th written down in neon letters in our agendas we packed our gear, stuffed the car and turned our final wedding of the season into an epic road trip through the stunning English countryside. And if driving on the wrong side of the road was a unique feeling, the rest of the weekend was most certainly not.

Rather, it was a feeling of homecoming and belonging. We saw all our old friends, made new ones and were treated like family from the very first till the very last second of Jake and Hannah’s biggest day. Here’s just a few of our personal favorites from all the beautiful moments we were allowed to capture.

Destination Wedding Photographers: Best Men Weddings, Jesse van Kalmthout & Leonard Walpot

Ascot, England